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House of the Sustainable Economy

Together with partners from a wide range of business sectors, Michael Weiss founded the HOUSE OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY (HDNW) in 2021.

A virtual house in Graz, where independent experts support customers all over the world in all matters of sustainable management. A source of inspiration and knowledge, an implementing support unit and a mouthpiece for sustainable management.

Properly sustainable

Sustainable management is one of the big buzzwords of our time. However, companies often use it only as a marketing tool. Others are not always clear about the meaning of their „sustainable“ business model. The HDNW counters the inflationary use of the term „sustainability“ on the one hand and supports companies and organisations on the other hand in implementing sustainable management systematically and effectively in all areas.

Sustainable management

If we want to hand over a planet worth living on to the next generation, then it is high time to make our economy sustainable and thus fit for the future. The HDNW wants to contribute to this with competence and enthusiasm.

  • We bring a breath of fresh air and new thinking
  • We inspire a sustainable leadership mindset
  • We accompany the 360° sustainability transformation into a liveable future
  • We reconcile sustainability and digitalisation
  • We strengthen the location through learning organisations/companies
  • We improve the quality of life in business and society


Creating role models

In the HOUSE OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY, the bundled knowledge is available to make Styria and other regions into role models for sustainable business. Together with innovative companies and organisations, it can be possible to create „role models“ for all kinds of institutions. Of course, these are very ambitious goals, but we are firmly convinced that they can be achieved with the right cooperation partners.

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Businesses served by us sell more valuable products and services than before, prosper better and thus enrich our entire economic life as well as the evolution on earth and the beauty and health of our nature. We treat each other and nature with respect and appreciation. A climate of positive awakening, generosity, creativity, gratitude and joy is at work around us and within us.

— Michael Weiss