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Private Foundation Sparkasse Pöllau

Privatstiftung Sparkasse Pöllau was established in 2003 with the public benefit purpose of promoting the talents and abilities of people living in the economic area of activity of Sparkasse Pöllau AG. Since its foundation, more than 100 social and charitable projects have been supported in this spirit.

The Academy for Sustainability is also one of these initiatives. It is a subsidiary cooperative run jointly with the cooperative, the House of Sustainable Business.

More information about the Private Foundation and its projects can be found on the website of Privatstiftung Sparkasse Pöllau.


Photo: Markus Lang-Bichl

sparkasse poellau gruppenfoto 2021 06 24 by markus lang 0581

The Privatstiftung Sparkasse Pöllau has been involved in the field of sustainability for many years and supports the transfer of knowledge and the raising of awareness on this topic. The Academy's educational offer provides added value for the region and for society in order to be able to hand over a healthy environment with a sustainable economy to the next generations.

— says Chairman of the Board of the Private Foundation Johannes Kielnhofer.