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GPS to your LIFE PURPOSE – It’s time for your ideal life – Workshop series in English

Create a life that is deeply fulfilling. Many people feel torn between different areas of their life and the tension this creates. Those who experience deep satisfaction in their life know that living in alignment with their life purpose of life is joyful and prosperous. The unique Jack Canfield methodology has been successfully taught in the USA for over 30 years. In German-speaking countries, this format is available exclusively at the Academy for Sustainability.


Learn how to achieve fulfilment and success in all areas of life (e. g. work, finances, relationships, health, personal growth). Following the principles of Jack Canfield and in the context of the universal laws of life – derived from quantum physics – you will learn methods of how to remain centred in turbulent times and in times of change.


In a safe learning environment, you will experience what it means when you take on the necessary responsibility for your life and for your results, when you develop clear visions and goals for all areas of life and work practically and purposefully on their implementation. After professional input, you can try out new things without judgment and receive valuable support and feedback.


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By learning the Success Principles and new techniques of visualization, affirmation and meditation, you expand your consciousness, dispel the illusion of a life determined by others and initiate the transformation process to your ideal life.



6 Modules each 2 hours online (Zoom) starting at 4 PM CET/CEST
3rd Feb., 17th Feb., 2nd March, 16th March, 6th April and 27th April 2024

For more information and booking contact info@akademie-nachhaltigkeit.com