Meaningful mission

Our vision

We develop and train new leadership approaches and practical tools that are necessary to professionally support the transformation process towards a sustainable economy that is taking place worldwide.

Our uniqueness

Our holistic approach incorporates the most important laws of nature and life, uses experiential and action learning methods and aims to bring a new leadership mindset into organisations and communites . We see sustainable economy from a 360° diversity perspective that excludes social and greenwashing.
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Our target group

We offer executives, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and all people worldwide who are willing to deal with the diverse topics of sustainability.

Our mission

We offer a 360° training that creates a new mindset through a deepened awareness of the laws of nature and life. On this basis, the participants develop concrete implementation steps for their role and, beyond that, for a holistic way of life.

Our location

Our home is in the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park, a pioneering region for sustainability. Innovative model businesses have settled here in a unique natural and cultural landscape. The people who live here are actively involved in the work of the Academy for Sustainability. This creates a deeper understanding of the transformation process and promotes networking with a worldwide community.

Our definition of sustainability

By sustainable action we mean the measures that make it possible to pass on an intact nature, a peaceful society and a sustainable economy to the next generation. This requires new, future-oriented solutions in the areas of ecology, economy, culture and social affairs.

Our values

We empower people who are working to shape a modern, liveable and healthy world. We contribute to this with concrete answers to the needs of the new age. We also fundamentally promote the interest in learning new things and the joy of living pioneering spirit. And we motivate to see the laws of nature and life and systemic considerations as essential parts of sustainable solutions.

Our Faculty

Members of our faculty have many years of experience in adult education and in sustainable life and business management. They know the leverage points for the necessary change. They know how we can rethink our lives and our economies and shape them in the sense of a future fit for grandchildren.
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"Our certifications"

ISO 21001

The Academy for Sustainability is certified according to the international ISO 21001 standard. This means that our education and training offerings are subject to a transparent quality management system, all content is socially accepted, and corresponds to verified knowledge. We continuously work on improving our processes and are grateful for all suggestions we receive from participants. Thanks to this certification, there is also the possibility to apply for funding.


As a Climate Alliance company, we are part of a community of European initiatives and indigenous peoples in South America. We all act sustainably on the basis of derived climate protection measures, protect the environment and assume social responsibility.