Circular Economy & Sustainability

The Circular Economy, also known as Circular Economy, is a pioneering concept aimed at efficiently utilizing resources and minimizing waste. In this 3-day training program, we delve deeply into the principles and applications of the Circular Economy to help shape sustainable solutions for a future-proof economy. Various aspects are covered, from the fundamentals of sustainability to future trends and innovations.

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This training aims to promote awareness and understanding of the principles, strategies, and benefits of the Circular Economy, as well as related technologies such as Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things).


The learning content over 3 days is detailed on the following pages:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Sustainability
  • The Linear Economic System
  • The Role of Contemporary Waste Management
  • Principles of the Circular Economy

Day 2:

  • Circular Flow of Resources
  • Circular Product Design
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Circular Business Models (CMBs)
  • Case Studies

Day 3:

  • Circular Supply Chains and Reverse Logisitics
  • Industry 4.0 as the Basis for Transitioning to a Circular Economy
  • Policy and Regulations
  • Outlook on the Future of the Circular Economy
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Circular and regenerative resource strategies offer significant potential to reduce both emissions and costs associated with resource extraction, production, and waste management. These strategies focus on minimizing the use of finite resources, increasing recycling and reuse, and designing products and processes with circularity and sustainability in mind.


The individual modules and topics are coordinated and can be easily integrated into your company’s practice. The workshops ideally take place over three days. The 3-day training comprises 27 teaching units of 45 minutes each.

Upon completion of at least 80% attendance, participants will receive the certificate “Circular Economy.”

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