Aussenansicht Apfelbaum Sommer Retter Bio Natur Resort Poellauberg

Retter Organic Nature Resort

In the cycle of nature - Today's RETTER Bio-Natur-Resort and Bio-Restaurant of the Retter family, finds its origin in 1886 in a family farm and has constantly developed from an inn to a seminar and holiday hotel.

The fruit cultivation around the hotel has been 100% certified organic since 1992 and the kitchen since 2004. Many sustainable milestones mark the path for holiday and seminar guests who find a special place for a climate-neutral organic holiday in Pöllauberg in Eastern Styria. A seemingly endless series of awards, from climate-neutral pioneer in tourism, 18x Golden Flipchart, the Trigos Award, the Hermes Wirtschaftsaward or the Styrian coat of arms – to name just a few, underlines the successful, sustainable path of the company.

The Retter BioGut is located right next to the Retter Bio-Natur-Resort and Bio-Restaurant. The focus there is on high-quality food and fresh bread and pastries and pastries are produced daily in 100 % organic quality from regional grain – without any compromises. The farm’s own fruit from organic orchards and herbs are processed here into fine distillates, juices, jams, ice cream and herbal teas.

Thinking things through in cycles from beginning to end, from resource-saving construction with natural materials to careful use of energy, that is the motto of the Retter family, because buying cheap is often very expensive when it comes to the cost truth of products.

Owner and host Ulli Retter brings guests closer to the naturalness of the environment with 100% organic enjoyment. Sustainability and many years of knowledge remain in the business through the loyalty of the employees and suppliers. Around the Retter-Bio-Natur-Resort along the scattered fruit trail, guests learn more about the topic of natural diversity at 12 stations with the free Hearonymus.Guide.

Aussenansicht Apfelbaum Sommer Retter Bio Natur Resort Poellauberg

As an input provider and participant in the pioneering workshop series 360° sustainable business management", I can only underline the value of the Academy for Sustainability in the Pöllau Valley. Sustainable, successful business requires mindful action in the here and now."

— recommends Ulli Retter.