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Success stories
and partners

Discover the success stories of some
of our partners on our common journey.

House of the Sustainable Economy

Together with partners from a wide range of business sectors, Michael Weiss founded the HOUSE OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY (HDNW) in 2021.

Private Foundation Sparkasse Pöllau

Privatstiftung Sparkasse Pöllau was established in 2003 with the public benefit purpose of promoting the talents and abilities of people livin...


SEKEM was founded with the idea of sustainable development and building a prosperous future for the surrounding communities and Egypt.

Pöllau Savings Bank

It was already stated in the founding idea of the savings banks that sustainable measures in the areas of the environment, social affairs and ...

Retter Organic Nature Resort

In the cycle of nature - Today's RETTER Bio-Natur-Resort and Bio-Restaurant of the Retter family, finds its origin in 1886 in a family farm an...

Oil mill Fandler

Owner Julia Fandler prefers holistic thinking - thinking in generations - to thinking in quarterly figures or annual reports.

Our partners